Citizens For A Better Norwood

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Norwood Fire Department’s rapid response times

Roughly 4 years ago at one of former Councilperson Casey Brown’s ward meetings to discuss the city’s financial crisis, Norwood Fire Department Chief Goodman told residents, “The reason you don’t often read about fires in Norwood is because of our rapid response times.” Saturday’s Enquirer article about fire department services in Hamilton County and nearby counties on both sides of the Ohio River certainly supported Chief Goodman’s statement that night. As readers know from the monthly NFD Activities Report we publish, the response times are usually under the 3 minute mark. According to this chart that accompanied the article and includes stats for 7 counties, of 34 Hamilton County fire departments listed, the NFD’s average response time is 2:55, second only to Lincoln Height’s 2:50.

The article states, “Reaching a fire in 6 minutes is considered critical to give firefighters their best chance to save lives and property and to protect themselves from injury or death. But the goal is elusive, especially in the suburbs. Despite having some of the region's highest incomes and priciest homes, the suburbs have some of the lowest percentages of runs under 6 minutes, the analysis shows.” In addition to having an outstanding Norwood Police Department and an award-winning Health Department, we can all be grateful also for the protection of our lives and property the Norwood Fire Department provides. Who wants to live in the suburbs? Not us.