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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Just in: Steve Thornbury’s report on the COW/BOE meeting

I can add my two bits on the meeting.

First, you’re right, I’m sure it was difficult for many in the audience to hear what was being said. In addition to the noise generated by the air conditioning system (kudos to Bill Graff for periodically going back and switching it off for a few minutes so more people could hear…), the microphones were strictly for recording the proceedings for future play on Norwood Community Television Channel 4 on Time Warner Cable. Hopefully folks can hear more of what was said on the replay.

I was a bit surprised that there was no accommodation made for, or solicitation of, comments or questions from those gathered in the room. In a typical Council COW meeting that would be part of the regular protocol. If that was not to be the case in this meeting I think it should have been made clear to the attendees.

The key take-away, I think, is that the District is at the very earliest stages of even considering implementation of this sort of program. Everyone involved understood that such an endeavor would be extremely complex and would have to be thoroughly worked-out before it could be initiated. I would expect that, even under the most optimistic scenarios, it would be another year or two before we’d see something tangible to even discuss. Particularly since the intention is to fund this entirely through private contributions.

That being said, there was clearly unanimous enthusiasm for the idea. As Mr. Moore asked, rhetorically: Is there any downside to what’s being done in these other communities? Any protests or complaints anywhere?

Support for such an effort is truly a no-brainer.

From Council’s perspective, we ended with unanimous agreement to pass a resolution in support of the effort at a future regular Council meeting and expressed a willingness to appoint a representative to any joint committee that may be formed in the future.

Steve Thornbury
Norwood City Council, Ward 2