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Friday, August 15, 2008

Just in: Gary Arthur’s 8/14/08 email to Mayor Williams

Following is an email, a public document, that Gary Arthur, President Pro Tem of Norwood Health Commission, sent to Mayor Williams and 14 others yesterday. Councilpersons Victor Schneider, Michael Gabbard, Keith Moore, and Chuck Barlow, Council President Jane Grote, and Heath Commissioner Donna Laake were among the recipients. Click here to read Mr. Arthur’s two related emails, dated 7/22/08 and 7/25/08, to Mayor Williams and Finance Committee Chair Chuck Barlow and others.

Subject: Health Commission

Date: August 14, 2008, 10:29

Mayor Williams,

I understand there is some confusion circulating with regards to your not being kept in the loop during the Health Commission's search for a new Commissioner. I have included you in each phase of our selection process and invited you to attend each interview session. I received no feedback from your office, except on your position regarding city residency. During this conversation you informed me that City Council wanted to look at some options with regard to the Health Department in light of the current Health Commissioner¹s retirement, and suggested that I contact the Finance Committee for further information. I did so, and suggested to the chairman, Mr. Barlow, that a meeting be set up with the Finance committee members and the Health Commission to share with us their direction and or concerns. To date no meeting has been set. We completed the first round of interviews, narrowed our selection to three possible candidates, and invited you and the Medical Director, Dr. Perrino, to sit in on the second round, and asked you to schedule the date at your convenience. We have heard nothing from your office.

Regarding the residency requirement. The Health Commission does not have a problem with the new commissioner living in Norwood, however, because of the trend of the current mortgage crisis, we were concerned about the time frame in which you would insist that the new commissioner take up residency. We want what¹s best for the city as well, and the new Health Commissioner becoming a resident encourages others that may be seeking employment in the area to be more inclined to take up residency in Norwood..

We should resolve these issues quickly. The Health Commission is ready to move forward with the next phase of the selection process. I would ask that you contact Donna Laake to set a meeting that is a convenient time to proceed with the 2nd round of interviews. If possible the Finance Committee of council should sit down with the Health Commission members as well. I will continue to monitor my email while away. My cell phone is always with me and I will be available for discussion should the need arise. I will be back in Norwood on August 25.


Gary Arthur