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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Estimated cost to replace NHD with contracted services

In a letter to Hamilton County Public Health Commissioner Tim Ingram dated 7/17/08, Norwood Safety-Service Director Joe Geers requested an estimate for the cost to contract for health services. Mr. Ingram supplied the information to Mr. Geers in a letter dated 7/30/08. Last week, Joe Geers sent the following letter to all Norwood City Council members informing them about Mr. Ingram’s $21,901 cost estimate to replace our Norwood Health Department with services provided by Hamilton County Public Health. HCPH is preparing a chart comparing Norwood Health Department Services with health services they would provide per a contract.

August 13, 2008

Re: Hamilton County Public Health

Dear Members of Norwood City Council:

This is to advise you that I have been in discussion with the Hamilton County Health District regarding their services. Below is a brief breakdown of what they offer. I have also enclosed a copy of a letter from Health Commissioner Tim Ingram.

1. The services provided for Environmental Health, Disaster Preparedness and Vital Statistics are similar with the exception that HCPH doesn’t investigate high weed complains, unless vermin and rodents are involved.
2. HCPH provides immunization clinics, flu shots, T.B. testing and reportable disease follow up. They do assure that persons needing these services are referred to the one of many services provided in Hamilton County. I have them checking on what it will take to continue one nurse program.
3. Based on 2008 appropriations, it appears that the City’s appropriations through four funds is $541,077.01 for salaries, supplies and contractual cost.
4. Our cost for contracting with HCPH for 2009 would be $21,901.81. They would also carry out licensing and other permit functions with those revenues going to HCPH.

I do have them looking at a nursing program to continue home nursing, blood pressure clinics, and school health programs, water testing and compliance reports. We would transfer some duties to the Building Department when it comes to inspections.

They are also putting together a comparison chart to show how the two compare. Also, they will meet any time after Labor Day to answer questions and/or put on a slide presentation.


Joseph C. Geers, Director
Public Service-Safety

Click here to read both Joe Geers’ 7/17/08 letter to Mr. Ingram and Mr. Ingram’s 7/30/08 reply.