Citizens For A Better Norwood

Thursday, July 24, 2008

“A New Tradition” at the Holy Trinity Festival this weekend

Brian Mumper sent us a reminder that everyone is invited to the Holy Trinity Festival this weekend for “A New Tradition” starting tomorrow, Friday:

Relocating to the Church grounds on Montgomery Rd.

Friday - 6-12 - Featuring "The Avenues" (with Norwood resident Debi Schneider on vocals)
Saturday - 5-12, Featuring "The Remains"
Sunday - 4-9, Featuring "Songs through the Decades" - DJ (Norwood's own Zahnadu Productions).

In addition to a new location at the Church's property right off of Montgomery Rd., we also are introducing our first ever chance at a $25,000 grand prize!!! For more information please check out article at the Enquirer.