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Monday, June 09, 2008

Farmers markets at Whole Foods Markets in Norwood

This past Friday, we spoke to Rachel DesRochers to find out more about the twice-a-month outdoor farmers markets scheduled through September at Whole Foods Markets at Rookwood Commons. Rachel is the Marketing Specialist for the store and tells us 27 vendors have signed up so far and more are in the pipeline. As soon as word got out about the markets, she started getting phone calls from Findley Market vendors wanting to participate. Among them, she said, is the famed Gene, the Radish King who sells mustards and horseradishes. In addition to chicken, meat, baked goods, flowers and produce vendors you’d expect to see, you’ll also find things like pottery, handcrafted jewelry and artwork, herbs, body care products, and roasted coffee for sale. Naturally, Rachel hopes Norwood residents will stop by and check it all out.

Where: Whole Foods Market at Rookwood Commons, 2693 Edmondson Road
Hours: 4 to 7 p.m.
Dates (all Tuesday’s): June 10 and 24; July 8 and 22; August 12 and 26; September 9 and 23
More Information: 531-8015

Related story:
Friday’s Business Courier reported that Whole Foods Market, based in Austin, Texas, has recalled fresh Roma and large field-grown round tomatoes at all its stores following a salmonella outbreak linked to eating uncooked tomatoes. Texas health officials found 21 confirmed cases of salmonella since mid-April and believe raw tomatoes are the likely source. Yesterday, we noted the Norwood Kroger’s has also pulled Roma tomatoes off the shelf and is selling only the vine-attached variety.