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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lt. Cartuyvelles' letter requesting $300,000 paramedic pumper

At the 9/4/07 COW meeting, the Norwood Fire Department's Lt. Brett Cartuyvelles made a detailed presentation about the fairly urgent need for the City to purchase a new $300,000 paramedic pumper. As he explains in his letter to Chief Goodman below, the current 1980 Seagrave Pumper is essentially beyond repair and not replacing it will cause the ISO rating drop, which could result in a substantial increase in insurance rates for local businesses and industry.

Mav 27, 2007

Re: Request to purchase new paramedic pumper

Dear Chief Goodman:

I would like to request that we replace the 1980 Seagrave Pumper. This apparatus has been in service with the Norwood Fire Department for 27 years. We have recently invested 750.00 dollars to correct a power steering problem that had placed the pumper out of service for 6 months. After making this costly repair, another part of the steering mechanism failed. This has once again placed the apparatus out of service until parts and repairs can be made.

At the directive of the Safety Service Director, I have sent the 1980 Seagrave Pumper to Command Seagrave to be evaluated for all mechanical problems. I have enclosed a letter from Command Seagrave and list of mechanical problems with the projected costs of those repairs.

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