Citizens For A Better Norwood

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Congrats to five highly rated NHS student musicians!

Greater Cincinnati District 14 of the Ohio Music Education Association held its annual Solo and Ensemble contest at Princeton and Taft High Schools on Saturday, January 27. The event brings together area high school music students to perform before a judge for an award certificate.

Musical performances were evaluated at difficulty levels ranging from the most difficult (Class A) to the least difficult (Class C). Student ratings range from a number 1 (Superior) through a number 5 (Poor). A round of applause for these outstanding Norwood High musicians:

Matt Hursh - Superior - Class A Vocal Solo
Page Pilman - Excellent - Class A Trumpet Solo
Lena Brumley - Excellent - Class B Clarinet Solo
Laura Wilson - Excellent - Class B Clarinet Solo
Kevin Sluder - Excellent - Vocal Solo **

** Our apologies to Kevin for misspelling his name "Suder" and our thanks to the commenter who corrected the mistake.