Citizens For A Better Norwood

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Results of our unscientific nepotism poll

It wasn’t even close. A clear 69% majority (27 “yes“) of 39 total voters said Safety Service Director Geers hiring his son in Public Works was a clear case of nepotism. So what does this tell us? For one thing, 39 is more than twice the number that voted on our previous poll question, “Does the city need a budget analyst.” Perhaps that’s because we simply may have more visitors than we had during the earlier poll, or maybe it’s because strong opinions about nepotism/what looks like nepotism drove more of our visitors to cast votes. Speaking strictly unscientifically, we think it’s probably some combination of the two. Do the results tell us nepotism is a burning issue in Norwood? We’re encouraged they might indicate a trend, but for that answer, we’ll have to see if nepotism gets even a mention during this year’s campaigns for city office and then wait, of course, for the results of the only poll that matters in November. Okay, we're done with nepotism...until the next time it happens. Thanks to everyone who voted!

1/7/07 UPDATE: We're glad to see two more votes have come in on the poll: 1 each for "yes" and "no." That brings the majority down slightly to 68%.