Citizens For A Better Norwood

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Lordy, this Enquirer article about school funding makes our heads hurt.

Dusty says he'll "bite it."

It’s a very long and detailed article, and, no, we’re definitely not going to try to explain what the Oak Hills Local School District is considering doing about “transferring some property tax revenue from one fund to another in a move that officials say will protect more revenue from being lost to the disrict through annual tax rate adjustments.” Even Dusty Rhodes said it “is almost impossible for the average person to understand.” Maybe some of our readers can explain it to us. Maybe we’ll start reading the article again (and again and again) earlier in the day tomorrow. Even though Dusty said he’s going to “bite it” if he can, if he can’t and the Oak Hills District plan gets the approval of the county budget commission (Rhodes, Goering, and Deters), could this method of a school district bypassing voters to increase revenue ever become widespread, as in coming Norwood's way? How we wish homeowners everywhere could get some relief from school levies and school personnel from spending their time promoting them.
1/10/07 UPDATE: The Enquirer reports Oak Hills school board unanimously approved their tax revenue transfer plan. Dusty, who lives in the O.H. School District, says, "My intention is to prevent it on the Budget Commission. The question is how much discretion we've got..."