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Monday, January 08, 2007

COAST’s media release in advance of Enquirer article

It opens with, “Recently, COAST received an inquiry from Kimball Perry, County reporter from the Cincinnati Enquirer, asking questions about COAST. We thought it would be appropriate for COAST to share directly with its members its response, rather than reading a filtered version in the morning’s Enquirer.”

Apparently, an article is forthcoming soon, and apparently, this media release is a preemptive strike in the event the Enquirer doesn’t coast along with COAST’s version of events. There's also a gossipy editorial about this on the home page at the Beacon if you can bear reading about the Whistleblower.

1/14/07 UPDATE: But wait, there’s more…the Beacon reports on a very different list of COAST “accomplishments” as published in the Community Press recently. Guest columnist Carrie Davis has declared war on COAST, blaming them for a host of social ills, including putting children and the elderly at risk: