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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Another unscientific poll: Should Finance & Audit Committee meetings be televised?

Chairperson Joe Sanker rarely makes arrangements with NCT for his Finance & Audit Committee meetings to air on local government access Channel 4. The last meeting known to have been televised was over 2 1/2 years ago in May, 2004. The fact that Community Development Committee meetings haven’t aired since around that time, either, we’ll leave for another day.

We’ve installed 3 clips from the 1/11/07 Finance Committee meeting on YouTube, compliments of a Norwood resident who videotaped most of the 2-hours+ it lasted. If you've never attended one of these meetings, our clips will give you a taste of the proceedings; and, if you're a "not sure," viewing them may even help you decide how to cast your vote in our poll below.

Clips A and B feature Mr. Molony leading a discussion about some of the details of the new mandatory tax filings and the increased staffing his office needs to handle the extra work involved in tracking residents’ earnings taxes accounts.

Clip C is a rather vigorous debate between Councilperson Schneider and Treasurer Molony about whether Mr. Molony and other department heads should attend regular council meetings to defend/explain ordinances increasing staffing in their offices.

Clip A Mandatory filing

Clip B Mandatory filing cont'd

Clip C Debate

Copy of Copy of Question of the Week

Should Finance & Audit Committee meetings be televised?

Not sure