Citizens For A Better Norwood

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Update on fallout from the Norwood case

Sources close to the negotiations on the Rookwood Exchange parcels tell us there should be a court date with Judge Myers in a matter of weeks, not months, that will settle a few of the outstanding issues resulting from the Ohio Supreme Court decision on the use of eminent domain. On the issue of whether the City and/or Jeff Anderson is responsible for restoring utilities and streets to the Rookwood Exchange site, Ohio law lends nothing in the way of guidance. It’s strictly uncharted waters for all parties.

Rookwood Partners still holds title to the three properties. Sources also tell us that at least one of the three properties is uninsured because it is vacant and uninhabitable. Once titles are retuned to the hold-ons, they may be facing monumental obstacles trying to secure their own property insurance…yet another twist to the extremely complex aftermath of the Supreme Court decision. We'll keep you updated.