Citizens For A Better Norwood

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Quick highlights from 11/14/06 council meeting

Last night council had the first of three readings of an ordinance authorizing a new contract with Rumpke for garbage/recycling/yard waste fees to replace the one that expires 12/31/06. Compared to what Safety Service Director Geers said other communities are paying, $15 to $17 per month, our increase from the current $9.80 to $12.25 per unit per month looks like a small bargain. The new rate doesn’t include the current administration fee of 50 cents, which may or may not increase 1/1/07. The city has been applying this fee to cover a tax the state imposed on landfill costs.

Council passed an ordinance to establish a fund to receive money from Hamilton County that can only be used for our dispatch costs. Mr. Geers said he doesn’t know the dollar amount yet, but the city will receive two years’ worth of revenue. The source is a 25 cents charge on cell phones for 911 that has been pouring into the Hamilton County coffers.

It sounds as though the city is going to go all out to educate us about the new mandatory earnings tax filings that are required for this tax year. Treasurer Molony said the cost of mailers to the public, including the forms, is in the range of $10,000. Informational cable shows are also being considered.