Citizens For A Better Norwood

Saturday, November 11, 2006

November "Norwood News" playing on Channel 23

Here’s the local cable Channel 23 schedule for the latest edition of the “Norwood News” show. We’ll have it up and running on YouTube, too, in a few days.

Sat @ 2:30pm

Tues @ 7:30am
Wed. @ 8:30pm
Fri .@ 1:00 am

For those who haven’t seen the September “Norwood News” yet on YouTube, the links are in the "Media Advisory..." blog below. At last count, Part I has had about 70 views. We don’t know if that qualifies as a hit or not, but we do know we appreciate all who have taken the time watch.

10/14/06 UPDATE: After a little over a week on YouTube, Part I has logged 108 views. Next most viewed is Part III at 71 then Part II with 49.
Thank you one and all!