Citizens For A Better Norwood

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hold-ons happy to have keys back, unhappy about property damage

Anderson handing over the keys is the least of it.

In the coming days, negotiations between attorneys for the hold-ons, Norwood, and Jeff Anderson should resolve how several big-ticket items will be handled: how much of the property damage Anderson will fix, who will pay for restoring utilities (don’t think the Gambles et al. are in the running on this one), and whether or not Norwood and/or Anderson must pay for the Institute for Justice’s and other legal services on behalf of the hold-ons. Does Norwood still have that $3.5 million handy? Insurance maybe?

In today’s Enquirer, attorney Tim Burke describes Rookwood Partners' position on how they want the $1 million property valuation deposits handled. Is he still being paid by Anderson, or is he on Norwood taxpayers’ dimes now? Just who does he represent at this juncture?

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