Citizens For A Better Norwood

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Can a budget analyst make them do it?

Tuesday night we watched city council vote 6-1 to create a part time budget analyst position. What? No job description? A new job with no description created in the midst of a wage freeze …. as Mr. Schneider pointed out and later emphasized with the only "no" vote. But wait…there’s more! The Mayor said he already has someone in mind! Like he did for the audit committee a few months ago? The audit committee no one would serve on? Is Norwood the only place people willing to serve aren’t asked, and the ones who’re asked won’t serve? But we digress… So who is this mystery jack-of-all trades, $25 per hour, part time, forget-the-benefits professional who will be the panacea for all that ails the budget and our overworked part time elected? Oh, Mr. Gabbard, ye of so little faith… for you to doubt a Superperson is ready in the wings, though the Mayor did nothing behind closed doors, of course.

The Enquirer’s headline proclaims, "part time position responsible for long-range planning." So THERE'S the job description - "long-range planning," and one new paid part timer will do what our 10 elected ones can’t - lead us out of Fiscal Watch to the promise land of Financial Recovery. Well, the deal is done; and, frankly, we hope it works.